Finest Craftsmanship

    Cape Cod Air Grilles serves contractors and homeowners across the continental United States and abroad. Our grilles, also known as vents or registers, are available in a wide variety of solid hardwood species and in all standard grille sizes. Cape Cod Air Grilles can also manufacture custom grilles to fit your unique size and shape requirements. Custom grilles are our specialty. Our woodworking professionals have unlimited possibilities when we create your custom hardwood registers. Just tell us your specifications, and we will make it happen!

    Our Products

    We take pride in the fine craftsmanship of each grille. All of our products are manufactured right on site by our woodworking professionals. We control everything from the ordering process to production to shipping. There are no middlemen which means we can ensure the highest quality grilles at a lower cost to you, our valued customer.

    Surface Mount
    Slotted Grilles

    Surface Mount Grilles are normally used with existing flooring and on walls and ceilings

    Flush Mount
    Slotted Grilles

    Flush Mount Grilles are typically used with new flooring installations.

    Return Air
    Slotted Grilles

    Return air grilles are available in all our standard sizes, as well as custom sizes.

    Supply or Return Air Eggcrate Grilles

    Eggcrate registers are offered in Flush Mount and Surface Mount styles.

    Diamond Eggcrate Grilles

    An elegant twist on our very popular eggcrate grilles. Diamond Eggcrate grilles be used as supply or return air grilles.

    Toe Kicks

    Toe Kicks are typically used for underneath kitchen or bathroom cabinets.


    Custom grilles are our specialty. Just tell us your specifications, and we will make it happen!

    High Velocity

    High velocity registers come in several styles. Flush or surface mount, round or square.


    An increasingly popular option when installing new flooring.